"I help with what I know, and what I know will continue to grow." [Requests open, check what I do.]

Due to my being new, and I mean very new, I thought it would be a good idea to make a guide on being in my current situation, before I get used to everything.

This is a guide on being new to the role-play helper/critic/reviewer/opinions/advice/rant/writer community.

This is based off of what my current views and concerns are, so you may feel completely different. Read on if you are okay with language.

So you have your URL, your mascot, and a basic idea of what you want to do here…

When you start off, most likely you will want to go on a mass follow-spree. Everyone and anyone who has a kind attitude, or whatever attitude you prefer, will be the receiver of your following. And that’s okay, you might even get some follow-backs. You do not have to do this yet, you may want to keep a low-profile before everything for your blog is up-and-ready.

It should be noted however, that followers are not the most important thing. They should not be the reason you wake up every morning. Followers are important, do not think otherwise. But it is not for the amount you have, it is whether or not you decide to interact and help them, and whether or not they do the same.

Next you might think making all your little graphics (review graphic, guide graphic like the one I used, etc.) could be a good idea, and you should have them at some point, but that is not immediately after you create your blog. You should create those graphics (or enlist the help of someone who can) when you are ready to start helping out in the community.

You are not /completely/ ready yet.

A suggestion would be to check out those helper blogs, see how they interact with their followers, what their set-up is with the navi, review format, etc. Do not copy them, but get a good grasp on how you should act and what you should have on your blog.

Here is a very important question you need to ask yourself:

Do I have Ps or GIMP?

Here is the GIMP website, and you can find a Ps download here. (Warning: the Ps download is not legal, but GIMP is free.)

Once you have a way to create graphics, fonts, textures, read up tutorials about doing those, if you are interested. Read tutorials on everything, really. Use your best judgement if you want to trust what links they give you, and what advice they give. Never stop reading and learning new things, no matter how much positive attention you receive from the community.

So now, you have methods of creation, a good idea on how to interact with others here, basic knowledge that you let grow as you read more, and a follow-back or two.

Now, you should do your theme before you contribute any work. Avoid themegarden, bland and unoriginal themes, and any that are too complex for you. You will get there eventually, unless starting off completely fucked and confused is how you roll.

Here is a simple theme that can be made pretty by simply finding yourself a nice color scheme. If you want to learn how to tweak your theme, you can check up here straight from tumblr help, or read tutorials!

At this moment, you feel pretty set. You hopefully have practiced your editing skills (which should be on pictures not from tumblr, and by that I mean do not steal, do not believe that giving credit to the original creator is ‘ok.’ If you are unsure? Ask the source.) You have a theme to your liking, a few skills here and there in general, and, let me repeat: you have a good idea on how to interact with others here, and a follow-back or two.

But what now?

Have you decided what specifically what you want to do? Just review? Only give opinions? Make manips, crackships? Find out, or you can choose to do all of that. If you need some tips and info on what you can do, go here. Know that you can always open and close what you do, and that even if you no longer provide services on one subject, you are still helpful with the others!

My friend, I believe you are ready. Be aggressive, make guides, tips, advice, rants on what you know already. From me, and a very smart and helpful portion of the community, do not post anything like, ‘Hey guys, I’m bored and am available to help!’ in the tags.

rph, rpc, rpo, rpr, rpchaw, rpcw, rpa, rpw, rpc, etc.

^ Those tags are for people who need to post their requests for help, and for you to post your (well-written and thought out) guides, rants, tips, and advice.

Good luck, and I am currently toasting to your success with a imaginary glass.

- Delsin